Palazzo Royal is Glam & Gorgeous

Mention Italy and glamour comes immediately to mind.

The Italians believe that life is beautiful and love to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and share this Bella Vita.

Palazzo Royal isn’t just a wine but above all a state of mind, highlighted by the unique elegance of its special shaped, double dipped and stained glass bottle.

With Palazzo Royal, you can be sure to have with you a fabulous partner to magnify every celebration and party in any circumstances.

Palazzo Royal is Culinary Wonder

What makes Italian so special isn’t only in the preparation or cooking techniques but in fresh and quality ingredients
which makes it one of the most well known and best cuisine in the world. Its roots date back to ancient times.

The same philosophy has guided as well as inspired us to elaborate and give birth to Palazzo Royal. 

The versatile style will make it your perfect companion to be paired with all the delicious Italian dishes like
Parma ham, truffles, mozzarella, carbonara, parmesan, risotto, panacotta, tiramisu without forgetting pizza, pasta and milanese.

Palazzo Royal is Heritage & Culture

The zenith of Italian civilization began with Caesar.

Florence, Venice and Genoa than became great powers giving birth to the magnificence
of the Renaissance with genius artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rafael.

In Italy, history and culture are entwined.

The love for music, art, good food, great wines and fashion is born in every native and the enjoyment of life is compulsory.

No culture is defined by their wine like Italy, having been established in Italy for more than 4000 years.

There is simply nowhere else like Italy for such a perfect fusion of food, wine and culture. 

All of this exceptional culture we have brought with extreme care to each bottle in order
to share with you our passion and pride for this ancestral wine tradition.

Palazzo Royal is Love & Romanticism

From the sensuous canals of Venice bordered with amazing and mysterious palazzi to the Romeo & Giuiletta fountain in Verona,
the island of dreams and romance of Capri to its striking sea view, Italy is definitely a country for lovers.

You and your beloved will be drawn to the power of seduction of its sublime look in addition to the magical bubbles
dancing and chanting in your glasses before toasting and be invaded with its exquisite aromas and freshnesse.

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